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Observation beehive

Product code: SS8110I
This is the best-suited Hive for research and development purposes because it's the only model that supports full functionality for 10 or 12 frame colonies DB and in special cases LG.All 4 sides of the brood chamber and the honey super have a glass window through which it can be observed the activi..
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Product code: CBW950F
87.00 Lei
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Product code: SS8200F
This observation hive is educationally suited because, having only one frame in the brood box and the honey super, it can be observed the complete bee activity at all times, and also the queen bee is always easy to spot.The colony formed in this hive can also be kept during the cold season in this h..
221.00 Lei
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Product code: SSW811F
Considering the reduced dimensions, but at the same time an 8 frame capacity, besides the breeding and keeping of queen bees, this hive is ideal also for isolating small swarms during the cold season.The observation hive model can be used for learning or research purposes but also the windows can be..
542.00 Lei
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