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Cookie policy

Cookies are files created by the websites one visits. They improve your online experience by saving the browsing information. By using cookies, websites can keep one connected, remember one’s preferences related to websites and offer relevant content at local level.
There are two types of cookies:

  • Primary cookies are created by the website one visits. The website is displayed in the address bar.
  • Third part cookies are created by other websites. Such websites hold a part of the content, like adds or images, which one can see on the webpage they visit.

The purpose of cookies use by this website:
Cookies are used in order to supply the users of such webpage a better experience and services adapted to the needs and interest of each and every user and that is for:

    • improving the use of this internet page, including by identifying any and all errors which occur during its being visited/used by users;
    • the supply of anonymous statistics related to the way such internet page is used by [website holder], in its capacity of holder of this internet page;
    • anticipation of possible goods to be made available to the users by this internet page, depending on the visited services / products.

Based on the feedback sent by the cookies related to the way this internet page is used, [the website holder] can take steps in order for this internet page to be more efficient and accessible to its users.
Hence, the cookies use allows certain settings/preferences of this internet page users to be saved, like: [Note: One needs to keep / fill in the specifications on the activity via the concerned website.]

    • display language of the internet page;
    • orders or personal data entered in the interactive fields
    • key words entered in the search engine
This website uses cookies to provide visitors a better browsing experience and services according to the needs and interests of each user. Continuing to navigate this website is your consent. Thank you for understanding. COOKIES POLICY DETAILS