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Product code: 0639
This is an American brand API affumicator that has a solid reputation. It is robust and perfectly designed to provide smoke and calm down the API...
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Product code: EC0025
This American style stainless steel frame lever will accompany you everywhere in the apiary. With its length of 260 mm it is an effective lever for removing frames...
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Product code: EC013
This ergonomic frame lever offers excellent grip. It does not slip and offers many advantages. It is an essential multifunctional tool for apiary...
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Product code: 0522
Hive tool, model "Bridge cutter", stainless steel. The special shape and size of this hive tool has been designed to remove wax bridges usually built by the bees between the frames. The scraper on one end of this tool, has the same size of the distance between the frames..
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Product code: EC0026
This frame remover is equipped with a long nozzle that facilitates the scraping of propolis deposited in narrow spaces while carrying out its basic function of removing the frames...
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Product code: EC0206
This Beestrong frame clamp makes it easy to grip all frame models. It has a pleasant grip that requires little effort...
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Product code: EB036
and smoker for bees comes from the know-how of ICKO Apiculture. It is completely secure with its protective grid which encompasses the body of the smoker, it has excellent draft and it is very robust...
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Product code: EB034
Simple and effective, this Smog Smoker is an essential tool in the apiary for calming bees. It has a protective grille and a hook to avoid any contact with the ground...
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Product code: JH050
This uncapping fork with straight stainless steel tips is equipped with a plastic handle that ensures a good grip. This tool, suitable for small apiaries, allows you to carry out careful and precise work...
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Product code: JH059
This double uncapping fork is an effective tool for accurately uncapping honeycombs. With its 7cm width and stainless steel wedge, uncapping is quick and easy...
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Product code: EC0028
This "Z" shaped frame lever is very practical for effortless working. It provides significant leverage. It is an essential multifunctional tool for apiary...
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Product code: 0270
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Product code: EB041
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Product code: 0144
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Product code: 0239
Lily brush..
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Product code: 0058V
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